5 Tips to Prevent Hair Shedding in the Fall & Winter

5 Tips to Prevent Hair Shedding in the Fall & Winter

5 Tips to Prevent Hair Shedding in the Fall Winter

Photo by Jessica Felicio


When I step out into chilly weather, the first thing I think about is my hair; will it shed or is it dry? Unfortunately, dry and shedding hair is common during colder months, but there are ways to protect your hair from the harsh bone dry cold. Keep reading for 5 tips to prevent your hair from shedding during the fall and winter.


  • Deep Conditioning
      • There is no better way to protect your tresses than deep conditioning regularly in between washes. Your hair is no fan of dry weather or moisture stripping shampoo. The best way to keep it moisturized and healthy is to apply your favorite thick, restorative formula into your hair. Try this DIY avocado mask if you're out of your favorite hair mask. Blend, 1/2 an avocado, 2 tblsp. of olive oil, and 2 tblsp. honey, until smooth. Cover your hair with a shower cap or plastic bag (whichever you have on hand). Once you’ve done that step, apply heat for a good 15 minutes, rinse and watch the magic happen.

      Saussy avocado hair mask

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    1. Incorporate Hair Supplements in Your Routine
        • A key way to prevent hair shedding during the winter and fall is to take your vitamins. Vitamins like Biotin and Vitamin A can strengthen your hair and help it grow. Biotin is effective in hair growth and strengthening. Vitamin A contains retinoids which also increases hair growth while helping to produce sebum, a natural oil needed to keep your scalp moisturized and your strands protected. You’re all set for the bitter cold with this vitamin duo. 

        5 Tips to Prevent Hair Shedding in the Fall Winter hair supplements

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      1. Try Braided or Updo Hair Styles
          • Believe it or not updos are not just for keeping your hair out of your eyes. Wearing updos or braids during the fall or winter months can contribute to the growth and protection of your hair. Shedding tends to happen because of the cold wind making your hair dryer, but it’s harder for the cold elements to affect your hair when it's tied up together instead of isolated blowing all over the place. Avoid pulling your updos too tight though or you’ll stress your hair. You’ll see less shedding in no time. 

          5 Tips to Prevent Hair Shedding in the Fall Winter braids

          Photo by Clarissa Carbungco


        1. Avoid Overheating and Over Styling
            • Another way to prevent seasonal shedding or hair loss is avoiding or reducing overheating and styling. Your hair is already dead, so over manipulation and constant use of straighteners and curling irons will dry and weaken your hair to the point of no return. Imagine walking out of the house with already weakened hair and then letting the weather take a go at it. You’re setting your hair up to fail, or in this case shed! Low maintenance is the way to go. Wear your hair up effortlessly with a vintage minimalist claw clip.


          1. Tie Back Your Hair When Pulling Sweaters Overhead
              • Everyone loves a winter turtleneck or sweater. Too bad they can only go on over your head. Poor hair. To avoid the friction that is caused when dragging any surface or material against your hair, wear your hair pulled back. When sweaters go on over your head, they cause static and breakage, which just leads to more shedding. Unless you’re going to be avoiding sweaters altogether, tying your hair back is the way to go.

              5 Tips to Prevent Hair Shedding in the Fall Winter_sweater

              Photo by Elizaveta Dushechkina